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Hi Lovies!

It is October and the year is almost over. For the month of September I was focused on the LOVE of Self Improvement. I stuck to this theme for the month for my life, however my activities were not documented via my blog. I chose to use the time to research my new fascination with Romance Novels of the Erotic Genre. I have been a reading fool and have found new styles of writing as well as phrases and word choices that are relevant in these types of books. My research has allowed me to develop several notes and outlines for novels I want to write.


Here are a few of the updates I received for last few months. It is never to late to join the challenge. Please be sure to ping back to this post so everyone in the challenge can read your update and be inspired & encouraged. Don’t forget to use the tag #RebirthOWC.

Courage by Silver Lining Mama

Integrity by Maria Holm 

Absolution by Grubbs n Critters 

Publish by Rosie Reast Writer

Passion by Quantum Hermit 

Bliss by Seasoned Sistah2

WOW by Making it Write 

Hope by Kyrosmagica 

Effort by Aksabello 

Proactive by The Extraordinary Adventures of Tashina in NYC

Outreach by I Am Not Sick Boy

Greatness by King Kalandozasai 

Create by Nadine Tomlinson 

Passion by Quantum Hermit 

For the month of October I will focus on the LOVE of Arts & Humanity!


Remember it’s still not too late to join. Feel free to chime in now. Click the pic below for more details:


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