Something New – It’s Always New! by Erika Kind


Try Something New Today!

First of all my heartfelt thank you to my dear friend, Lisa. We follow each other for quite a while and I always love her uplifting and cheerful spirit. When she asked me to write a guest post for her blog I was not only happy to be asked in general but by her in particular. Thank you, Lisa, I appreciate this a lot!

Lisa left the subject completely open. It only had to be about something new. I accepted right away but when I came to the point of what to write I got stuck for a moment. Something new? I wanted to stick with my purpose of blogging about love, happiness, liberation, living our dreams, breaking out of our home made prisons… But these subjects are not new! We all know about this deep inside. What I write about in my posts or in my books is anything but new. Perhaps the way I say it is new for others but the subject is as old as the creation of the first soul.

But then I realized that new is not something we experience in general. It is something every single person experiences in their lives again, and again, and again. Every day we encounter someone or something new. Every day is another step further in our lives. Every step is a new step on the stairway of our life’s path. Every day is new since no day is like another one. We are new today and we will be even “newer” tomorrow.

New is something very subjective. Even if we think that we already know how things feel with our current development, we discover the same things completely new later in life. For everybody who has children or works with children: Spending time with a child and seeing the world through its eyes, how it discovers this unknown place, and what it finds stunning makes us realize the big mystery in things we thought we already knew. I remember when I took walks with my daughter when she was little. She stopped at every stone or she could watch an ant forever. A snowflake was a miracle and walking through heaps of dried leaves was the most wonderful sound.

But what about feelings? When we are here on the planet for 20 years we think we already know a lot about happiness, disappointments, hurt, love. When we are 30 we think we know it all! And when we turn 40 we realize that we know it even better. We discover everything every day a little bit more. And whatever we seem to know today might be only the preparation for the next step we take tomorrow towards a new level of awareness and insight.

New is not a single experience, new is what we live every day. And the more aware of that we become the more new depths we will discover around us and within ourselves. The beauty in life is that there is no final. We have the chance every day to see something new in it because it holds unlimited possibilities. We have the chance to start over new and to go into a new direction. And even if we believe that life has nothing new in store of us, life goes on and teaches us that it does. When we expect it the least, the most wonderful things can simple fall into place. When we resign and stop clinking to a closed door we automatically turn around. We might be blinded by the light that shines through the new door that had already opened only waiting for us to be seen. The darkness was caused by ourselves because the light came from behind of us.

  • Life is continuous progress even when we are not aware of it. The things we seem to experience again are not the same things anymore because we are not the same person anymore we were yesterday.
  • Life is continuous development. Even when we try to avoid it we cannot keep life from developing and we are forced to follow which makes us also develop. When we realize this we might be less resistant to life’s flow because we understand that it is meant for us to unfold ourselves. It costs less energy to go with the flow than to fight something which is not possible to stop anyway. And the insight is much deeper when you go through life with an open heart and cherish all it brings as a gift and support for your own growth.
  • Life is continuous renewal. We are here on this planet because we wanted it. We wanted to forget who we are in order to discover the beauty, the wisdom, the power, and our creative potential again in order to unfold glorious in its abundance. That means we are living within an inexhaustible source of possibilities to create and expand our lives every day new. Yesterday was the springboard for today. Today we stand on a new platform and lay the basics for tomorrow. And tomorrow we harvest and sow new seeds.

Wherever you are today in your life you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You have come a long way. Sometimes we have to go through rough new experiences in order to get prepared for the following most wonderful new unfolding. But it is always new and it is always progress. New can be confusing in the positive as in the negative way. Because we don’t have any experience. But it is necessary in order to develop towards the goals we set ourselves before we arrived on this planet. It is your personal path and every step is a new paragraph you write in your book of life.

In Love and Light!


lecture VaduzErika Kind was born in Vienna but grew up in another part of Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein (within the Swiss Alps) where I still live. I am a mother of three almost grown up kids and I am running a Practice for Aromatherapy and Self-Development. I am a professional singer and started to produce my own songs 4 years ago. All of them are published on my blog under “My Songs”. I am a published author of 4 books. The English and extended version of my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!brought me to WordPress. I am happy and grateful that I am given the opportunity to share the insights of my life’s journey from self-doubt and fear to living my dreams. My intention is to spread light and inspire as many people as possible to let their own light shine brightly. Check out her blog here:


18 thoughts on “Something New – It’s Always New! by Erika Kind

  1. Yes, yes yes! I feel so inspired by this piece. It IS easy to forget that life is progressive and we progress with it. But how awesome of a reminder is this that everything I experienced before can be experienced differently now that I myself am different. Thank you! But this line here stole the show: “it is meant for us to unfold ourselves.” Love it!

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