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Try Something New Today!

What is the definition of something new? What if someone told you that you need to try something new? Something new could mean a fierce new hairstyle, finally wearing a dress after years of just jeans and pants or something new could mean going to a rock and roll concert if you’ve never been to one or even listening to a different type of music. Is trying something new harmless or hurtful? I guess it all depends right?? This is why you must know who you are when trying something new.

Something new could mean robbing a bank for the first time ever, or trying the latest drug out there knowing you’ve never smoked a day in your life. Something new could mean selling your body for money or selling drugs for money. What about stealing a car? That’s something new right?

Something new could make you laugh but it could also make you very sad. Something new could bring out the best in you but it could also bring out the worst in you. Something new could open up a world of possibilities but it could also close the doors of having a good future. How risky is trying something new?

If you don’t try something new they won’t like you because you’re considered too lame but if you do try something new then they still won’t like you because you’re stepping out and trying something that could take you to that next level in your life leaving all the naysayers behind. How deep is your something new? Something new could leave you strung out on drugs or it could put you at the top of the charts in Bill Boards. What something new will you try?

In today’s world where it’s easy and I mean easy to want to belong, to get distracted, to feel socially awkward, to lose focus, to want to fit in with what everyone else is doing, to feel so alone that you’ll do just about anything for attention,to settle for any old treatment all in the favor of trying something new I must ask you is it worth it? Was it worth it?  It all depends on your choices and what’s most important to you. How willing are you to risk everything you’ve worked for, accomplished and are striving for just to try something new?

For me I’ll just try #Periscope for the first time. That’s something new right? What is YOUR something new? #Settlefree

Bio: Â© Tinzley Bradford used with permission

Tinzley Bradford was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s a single mom who knows all about single parenting while dating. For years through her dating blog, “And You Wanna See My Feet” and her tell-it-like-it-is YouTube videos, she has helped single moms and single women get their love lives together. The advice maven and relationship coach has also been seen giving single mom dating advice on “Dr. Drew’s on Call” TV show on HLN, The Single in Stilettos Show with Match Maker and Dating Coach Suzanne Oshima and her local media 11 Alive News in Atl and has been featured in a slew of articles such as Mommy Noire interviewed by Top Relationship Coach Abiola Abrams, Single in, Thoughtful Minds United and a ton of other blog post appearances. Tinzley is known for her no nonsense advice for single women and strongly believes refusing to settle for any old treatment is the key to living a settle-free life and not tolerating any behavior that is not healthy for you.

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6 thoughts on “Something New – Tinzley Bradford

  1. Kev

    You certainly made me laugh when you mentioned robbing a bank for the first time… that’s something I haven’t tried… yet… Mm! 😀

  2. This line here is everything: How willing are you to risk everything you’ve worked for, accomplished and are striving for just to try something new?

    This Is what it’s all about.

    • Yay! I’m sooo happy it came across the way I intended for it to. I didn’t want to discourage people from trying new things at all…. I just way to make them aware that something new isn’t always something good!

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