Something New – A First for All of Us! by Kevin Cooper


Try Something New Today!

We took our cat, Aragorn to the pet groomers today. He’s three years old now and we’ve had him almost as long. He’s a beautiful long-haired gray and I’m always combing and brushing his fur. Problem is it just seems to get longer and longer.

DSC00659He loves to go under the fern and always comes back with little green burs caught in his fur… it can be quite a job getting them all out. But I ran into a problem when his fur started to get matted underneath, his belly, between his legs and at the back. Aragorn would not let me brush there let alone use the comb to try and untangle his fur.

There was nothing for it, I had to call a pet groomer and get him sorted. The appointment was made and we took Aragorn to Shiny Pets. They were very understanding to our dilemma and explained that he would have to be shaved underneath. I asked about the excess fur under his chin which he always gets into his food and his mouth. They told us they would give him a shower and take care of the rest. So we left him with them and were told he’d be ready in about three hours.

It was three hours of worry for me… he’d never been to a groomers before, they were going to shower and shave him and I knew this was going to be such a stressful situation for him. I kept saying to Pat, “He’s going to be so stressed out, and mad at us… he’ll probably run upstairs and hide when we get him home.

I could never have been further from the truth… When we picked him up he was so happy to see me. I figured, (yea, wants to get the hell out of here!) They told me he had been very active! (no surprise there!) They had trimmed his claws, showered him, shaved his belly, trimmed back all his fur… I can see his whiskers and eye-lashes now… didn’t realize they were so long! He looks GORGEOUS!

Once back home he fell right into his old routine as if nothing had happened… and there I was fretting myself to death… go figure! I guess it was a first for all of us! At least now when he goes out, he doesn’t come back matted and full of little green burs!


Kevin Cooper lives in Hull, England with his wife Pat. As an author, he is best known for his British Drama: Miedo: Living Beyond Childhood Fear. He founded,Kev’s Great Indie Authors, his blog which promotes indie authors worldwide through interviews, guest posts, book blurbs, reviews, and even an author of the month feature. Kevin studied in America and obtained his M.Ed with a focus in English Writing and Literature, before becoming an author he worked in a variety of professions that included being a private tutor, a teacher, a lecturer, and management.

Check out Kev’s blogs here:

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13 thoughts on “Something New – A First for All of Us! by Kevin Cooper

  1. I have never worked up the courage to take my cat to get groomed. She nearly ripped me apart once for trying to shave her at home lol. You know what this made me think of? Sometimes we try so hard to shelter someone that we love from certain experiences, out of fear that they/our relationship won’t be the same afterwards. But sometimes its what they need (and secretly wanted) all along. We have to be willing to do whats best for others even when we have something to lose. So kudos to you for taking that risk!

  2. Kev

    It’s such a honour to be on your blog Lisa… I’v really enjoyed being a part of your something new series. Thank you so much for inviting me! All the posts have been wonderful. 🙂

  3. Aragorn is such a gorgeous cat and he must be very adaptable to have responded so well at the groomers. It sounds like you had a harder three hours during the wait then he did during the grooming process! 🙂

    • Kev

      He gets spoiled to death at home. He’s our baby, and knows it too! I play with him a lot and we make such a fuss when he comes back in after being out even a short while… idk We must be daft!

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