Something New – Rebounding by Audrey Prim


Try Something New Today!

Rebounding, it’s not just for basketball games. It was a form of moving forward for me in my younger days. I never took the time out to regroup and gain focus for myself, and I was replacing instead of reflecting. And honestly, it led to a lot of cycles of the same cycles. My mom says that my nurturing nature finds me in relationships of unbalance; I use to think she was just being a mom, not believing anyone was going to be good enough for her children. But, when I was recently faced with the difficult decision of continuing dancing in life with unequal matches versus taking my turn at giving it my all as a star, I decided to give the best performance of my life to myself. Pour all that I am and hope to be into my daily steps. Take my energy and replenish myself. It’s different, it’s scary, and it’s exciting…it’s going to take a lot of patience; it’s something new for me.

Audrey Prim

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Bio:audrey prim

I am an artistic person who feels passionately about damn near everything I do, say, think and feel. I love love. I love how it makes you forget all negative things and people, so I strive to live in love daily….something I have learned from my mom. My family is one of the founding cornerstones of who I am today, they never told me to sit down and not be heard, that’s why I believe in what I have to say. My life is not a picture of perfection, it is however a picture of me, where God brought me from and where I am today.

“Forever is a long way away, no need in chasing what’s coming.” -Audrey Prim

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