August Blossom Challenge 


This is a great idea and I will be participating. Won’t you join me?

Guye Furula

In honor of my birth month I wanted to something that would uplift spirits. Sometimes life is happening to fast and we end up focusing on the negative aspects rather than the positives. So this month I challenge everyone to join me on this challenge. For the whole month of August starting today we will post about something we’re grateful for. It could be anything! The grass, sky, sun, air , whatever you want it to be. Ooooh and it gets better you can do this on your Instagram, Twitter or FACEBOOK and use the hashtag #AugustBlossomChallenge ! Remember each day you will post about something you’re grateful or thankful for and I promise you will see a shift in your thinking! 🙂 What are you waiting for? Start NOW! I will also be checking and sharing some of your posts 🙂 #HappyBirthMonthToMe#AugustBlossomChallenge #AugustBlossomChallenge #AugustBlossomChallenge
Twitter: @guyefurula

Instagram: @guyefurula


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