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Mj Challenge

Today marks 6 years since Michael Jackson went on to Glory. This day is always a sad day for me as I feel like I lost a family member. This year I decided to try to remember MJ in a more upbeat way, so I wrote a little story using some of the titles from his songs. I am turning this into a challenge for all the Michael Jackson fans out there. Feel free to write your own stories and ping back to this post so I can read them! Don’t forget to nominate a friend… My Nominee is Erika Kind because she is as crazy about MJ as I am.

My name is Michael and I want to tell you a story. It’s somewhat of a “Thriller” so pay attention. I always tried to keep my life “In the Closet”, but I always feel like “Somebody’s Watching Me”.  I have a girlfriend so I tell those other girls to “Beat It”, but they never “Leave Me Alone.” One girl in particular whose name is “Billie Jean” always “Wanna Be Starting Something”.  I tell you this girl is “Dangerous”! She said I was having an affair with “Dirty Diana”. I did dance with Diana, but I swear I was just trying to give her advice on how to “Live Off the Wall” and I told her girl,  “Shake Your Body” – Alas my girl didn’t believe me and said I told her “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”. She even had the nerve to say I was “Rockin Robin” but I was much too young to know about such things. Eventually I became a “Smooth Criminal” and spilled “Blood on the Dance Floor” with a “P.Y.T.” because I figured no one would let me “Heal the World”. Then the “Lady in My Life” told me that I need to look at the “Man in the Mirror” and she left me.  I decided it didn’t matter if she was “Black or White” I just had to “Scream” from the mountain tops to let her know I was not “Bad”.

The “Ghost” of my past haunted me and I finally figured out, her “Love Never Felt So Good” and nothing matters if “She’s Out of My Life”.  I had “Butterflies” in my stomach, when I wrote her a letter asking her to “Remember the Time” when our love was everlasting. I told her “I Got to Be There” to ensure you know “You Are Not Alone”.  She called and asked me to come over, and I told her “I’ll Be There”.  I raced like a “Speed Demon” to her house and knocked loudly on her door. She called out “Who is it?” I couldn’t contain myself and yelled, “I Want You Back”.  Baby come on, you know “They Don’t Care About Us”.  It’s you and me against the world. Girl you know I only “Rock with You”, I don’t even know that “Liberian Girl” She finally opened the door and I said “Hold My Hand” so you know I’m sincere. Stop treating me like a “Stranger in Moscow”. You know you want to “Give in to Me” because you’re just “Another Part of Me”.  Come on “Baby be Mine”! She let me back into her heart and said she couldn’t blame me because it’s just “Human Nature” to fall in love with me. She is my baby and I know now I am really in LOVE…. “This is it”!

25 thoughts on “MJ Challenge – Remembering Michael Jackson

  1. Sorry, I just saw that you nominated me for this challenge. Would you mind if I don’t participate? As I wrote before I did a similar post already and actually I did not know who to nominate. I am so sorry, I don’t want to disappoint you. I feel honored that you thought of me in first place. I really hope you are not hurt, Lisa.

      • I am so glad you are not mad or sad about it. Although I had lots of nice commends on my post I did not know who to pass it on. It was also a little late over here already to write another post. But I was really happily surprised to see that we are so close in mind with our ideas. I loved your post a lot. Thank you so much. Actually that could be a challenge anyway: “Tell a story with song titles and link to the songs.” 😃

  2. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures ( Will Include Posts From Our Neck Of The Woods) and commented:
    Lisa’s post here was one of the articles in Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Day Post Newspaper I get every day. I post a few of the stories from it. I was going through it and saw this.
    I am not going to include it in that post.
    I really HATE MJ . I was not a fan. Person reasons. I do understand his attraction. I do like a few of his songs. I loved the Jackson 5 songs as well.
    I just wanted her to see that her post made the paper. LOL

  3. Reblogged this on Shade But No Shade and commented:
    This tribute is so creative I just had to share. I can actually see this story coming to life! Lisa you’re the best! Everyone please give this a read, a like and perhaps a comment…it is sooooo worth it! #RIPMichaelJackson

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