3 thoughts on “#Loveand Basketball Extravaganza – Trivia!

  1. pfff lmao. oops! But on another note… this is so deep. The way he played so hard so that she wouldn’t win, was like he was fighting what even he himself wanted. Or either releasing his anger from what she did. I don’t know, but either way it reminds me of how much people today fight love that they know they want. How could he even be so upset over that ONE time she wasn’t there? She had already been there so many other times in their life – YEARS and YEARS..

    • Yeah, he was an ass to break up with her over that. He was lost and didn’t know how to express himself. I’m happy he redeemed himself. If you think about it, that game kind of represents their entire relationship. They fought each other, but secretly wanted to be together the whole time. Then once they got together, he got scared and left, but still wanted her.

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