Character Spotlight: Young Monica Wright


ymonicaThe movie opens as eleven year old Monica Wright and her family are moving into their new home next door to Q, the neighborhood “man”. Monica is not your average girl next door. She lives and breathes basketball. No pigtails and tea parties for this girl. She proves she is not just a pretty face as she hoops with the boys in the neighborhood. She is drawn to Q and when he pushes her and scars her face, she is in love. Their brief romance last all of five minutes after she finds he is a male chauvinist and she has an independent spirit that won’t be stifled.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Young Monica Wright, played by Kyla Pratt:

Best Line: “You stupid and your dad plays for the worst team in the NBA… Last time they won Dr J was a nurse.”

15th (1)


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