Character Spotlight: Quincy McCall aka Q


Quincy was “the man” growing up and it continued to college untilQuincy during his freshman year his whole world turned around. The one man he looked up to all of his life, his father, turned out to be a liar and a cheater. His father’s betrayal of his mother sparked the downfall of his life. Q stopped caring and his confidence level plummeted. He even went so far as to ruin his relationship with the love of his life, Monica. His need to control her actions reared its ugly head once again and he reacted in a very immature way. He decided to cheat on Monica, but that wasn’t enough, he wanted her to know so he scheduled a date with a girl on campus when he knew Monica would be at his dorm with him. According to Q. Monica forgot to be there for him. What was she supposed to do? She was a good girl who loved ball and wanted to be there, but had curfew. If she stayed with him to talk, she would not be able to play. Q went on to leave college early and was drafted to the NBA. He never made that big of a splash in the league and was traded to several different teams. If he would have followed his father’s advice, he could have been a star, but his anger would not allow him to do anything his father thought was right. Eventually he comes to his senses and after realizing Monica was the one for him, drops the little stewardess he was engaged to and marries Monica.

Coming to the floor a 6’2” guard from USC, #22- Quincy McCall played by the sexy Omar Epps.

Best Line: “If basketball is all you care about, why you bonin’ me? Why don’t you bone Dick Vital?”

15th (1)


5 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Quincy McCall aka Q

  1. I love how they both had the same mellow vibe. They fit together so well. I love the scene when they were on the college campus and they fell on the ground, hugging and loving each other lol

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