Character Spotlight: Monica Wright


MonMonica Wright is a no-nonsense type of girl. She don’t take no mess, as the saying goes. Her life is all about basketball, which causes a riff between her and her mother. A tomboy at heart, Monica would rather shoot a stupid jump up shot than bake a pie, according to her mom. In her teen years she was “always walking around with her head looking like who shot John”. (That’s an old school expression meaning she never combed her hair.) She finally gets the hair thing together after college, which is ironic because she spent most of those years in Spain playing ball. No black hair dressers in Spain I imagine. Anywho, Monica is head over heels for Q and finally has enough nerve to take their friendship to the next level after the spring dance. They date through their Freshman year in college at USC, but then Q pulls a typical guy move. Instead of talking to her, he decides to show her his anger by dating another girl right in her face. Monica is devastated, but we see her taking control of her life and excelling in professional basketball overseas. She finally returns home to claim her lost love in a game of one on one. At the end of the movie she has it all; the love of her life, a baby girl and a professional basketball career in the US.

Coming to the floor a 5’11” point guard from USC, #32- Monica Wright McCall played by Sanaa Lathan.

Best Line: “Um, she’s a ho because she’s sending her coochie through the mail! I mean, she’s not saying “You’re a nice guy, and I want to get to know you.” She’s saying, “I wanna bone!”

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4 thoughts on “Character Spotlight: Monica Wright

  1. subconsciousspinning

    I love this movie. This movie made my feel like, this is the love I want in my life–this is real love. Has it really been 15 years? Wow!

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