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Hi Guys.

I can’t believe we are already half way through the year!  Where has this year gone? Pretty soon it will be Christmas. Now, it’s time for me to update you all for the One Word Challenge! If you still haven’t joined the challenge, rest assured it is not too late.  Just think about your word and join right in. Click here for the details if you’re new to the challenge. Remember there are NO rules!

Each month I decided to choose a theme to make things easier for myself.For the month of May we honored Mental Heath Awareness in the following ways:

  • The quotes I chose for my Words Crush Wednesday Challenge all dealt with Mental Health
  • I decided to start a new feature that brought to life a goal of mine. I started Couch Convos, a feature that focuses on Indie Author Interviews. The first feature of the month dealt with Visible Confidence which is a way to boost seld esteem.
  • I conducted an interview with my neice who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The interview was very personal and explains what it is like to be diagnosed.
  • I started a fun short story series of Southern Horror that focuses on mental illness of the characters. So far two have been released, but there is a plan to write a total of six and release them as a collection in a book.
  • I also wrote a post focusing on racism as a form of mental illness.


Here are a few of the updates I received in past months. Remember, you can always jump back into the challenge and when you write your updates, be sure to ping back to THIS article so everyone can see what you’ve been up to in order to honor your word. Don’t forget to tag your post #RebirthOWC.

Courage by Silver Lining Mama

Integrity by Maria Holm 

Absolution by Grubbs n Critters 

Publish by Rosie Reast Writer

Passion by Quantum Hermit 

Bliss by Seasoned Sistah2

WOW by Making it Write 

Hope by Kyrosmagica 

Effort by Aksabello 

Proactive by The Extraordinary Adventures of Tashina in NYC

Outreach by I Am Not Sick Boy

Greatness by King Kalandozasai 

Create by Nadine Tomlinson 

For the month of June I will focus on the LOVE of people of African descent who have made a difference in music, to honor Black Music Month.

It’s not too late to join. Feel free to chime in now. Click the pic below for more details:


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