Creative Blogger Award



Hi guys,

It’s your girl Lisa coming through to report my blog has received another award. Thank you so much to Rob from The V-Pub for nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award. Rob is a new found friend and if you haven’t come across his blog yet, please head there now. The background picture alone is worth the trip, but you’ll also find some great healthy recipes and gardening tips.

We all know how I feel about “The Rules”, meme23regardless here they are: 

State five facts about you.

Nominate other bloggers.

Tell them you nominated them!

Five Glorious Facts about Little Ole’ Me:

meme24I say I’m sorry WAAAAAY too much

I LOVE Shark Weekmeme26

meme25I absolutely, positively love celebrating BIRTHDAYS! Anybody’s will do.

ROAD TRIPS with my honey are the best!meme27

meme28I think DANCING is the best exercise every.

And the Nominees are…best

Life As An Art Form

Nik’s Place 

Gills Writing

Inspiration Served Daily

Far Out In Africa 

I chose the above blogs because I am new to their blogs, but they are very creative and I hope you will stop by and take a ganders. Thanks again to Rob for the nomination! meme9

31 thoughts on “Creative Blogger Award

  1. Thanks Lisa! What an honor from a new follower. I’m your newest fan. I most certainly will play along. Sounds like a great time to make new connections. Till then, be well. 😊

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