The Encouraging Thunder Award



I would like to thank LISA from Life of an El Paso Woman Blog for nominating my blog for the Encouraging Thunder Award. I am over the moon after receiving this because it is my second award today! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much Lisa and you guys should really check out her very interesting blog.meme19

Here are the details:

What you can do with the award?

  • Post it on your blog
  • Grant other bloggers with the award

meme20What you can’t do with the award?

  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim that it’s your own handmade logo

What you should do after receiving award:meme21

  • Enjoy the award
  • At least give thanks via comments and likes and or mentioning the blog who gave the award.
  • Mention your purpose in blogging

I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

  1. Erika Kind
  2. Send Sunshine
  3. Sunehri
  4. Wonder of My Worlds
  5. Tea and Paper

Alright guys, I out of here. Be sure to stop by the nominated blogs for a fresh view on the world. Thanks again Lisa! meme10

8 thoughts on “The Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. My heartfelt congratulations, Lisa! Such a great award!!! My favorite to be honest. Telling someone “I believe in you” is of priceless effect! Thank you so much for nominating me for it!!!

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