Couch Convos!


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Hi Guys,

Just a quick post to introduce my latest venture. If you’ve been following me, you know I recently started a love affair with hosting Author Interviews. My first crack at it was with Author Tinzley Bradford and I enjoyed it immensely.  As a result I decided to make this a regular feature on my blog! I will also be sharing the interviews on my Author Website. The next edition will be available tomorrow with Author Chantelle Anderson! Please join us for the latest on Visible Confidence! #lwtcouchconvos

Couch Convos (2)

4 thoughts on “Couch Convos!

      • Well we see what the new one is – the short stories – I loveeeee this. I don’t get to read often and my focus is off lately so I was surprised to find myself able to finish reading. When I got to the end, I was like..”wait…its over?!”

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