Thru Auntie’s Eyes


My nephew Greg is graduating from college tomorrow and I wrote a poem for the occasion. I wish I could be there in person. I love you more than you will ever know.

Thru Auntie’s Eyes

(For Greg on his College Graduation)

You came into this world too soon

Even as a baby you sang a different tune

You see, I have nephews, but none quite like you

Any You & I bonded over silly things we liked to do

You loved cartoons and so did I

I remember when “The Little Mermaid” made us cry

But that sorrow never lasted too long

As soon as the movie was over

We danced and sang our song… UNDER THE SEA.

Your beautiful smile lights up the room

Whenever you’re around there can never be gloom

Because your laugh is infectious and makes me start

Only a nephew like you could melt my heart

Many said your head was in the clouds

They wanted you to stay in school to make them proud

You had the guts to leave to discover who you were

Then went back once you were sure

I’m happy to say, you found your way… A MAN WAS BORN.

An amazing brother, loyal friend and great son

No longer my little Greg, look what you’ve become

A strong, powerful man who lives his life aloud

One in a billion, you can never be lost in a crowd

The “Three Bs” have nothing on you

And Mr. Holland’s Opus just won’t do

A walking book with a great big heart

I hear you’ve turned cooking into an art

Much like your man Wolfgang…. AMADEUS, AMADEUS, AMADEUS.

So today as you walk across that stage

Remember all the ground work that’s been laid

Your ancestors and elders look on with pride

You may stumble and fall, but never break your stride

Hold your head high and know you are loved

By friends and family, and from God up above

Your next journey is yet to be written

Do your best with whatever you’re smitten

And know Auntie has you in her heart… AND I ALWAYS WILL.

©Lisa W. Tetting


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