One Word Challenge – April Update 5/7


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Hi Everyone,

Wow, where did the month of April go? I blinked and we were celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Well, since it’s the first Thursday of the month, it is time to update for the One Word Challenge! At this point it is easy to give up and stop following you plan for the year. For those of you who may be wavering I want to ask you to please dig deep and hold on. Keep doing your personal challenges and stick with it. This is for your good and to help you succeed. Don’t give up now.

For anyone looking to join the challenge, you can read about it here. Feel free to join in at any time. There is open enrollment throughout the year because it is never too late to get started! Remember there are NO rules in this so feel free to make up your own as you go.

Now comes the time for me to update you all on what I did in April to stay true to my word choice: LOVE. Each month I decided to choose a theme to make things easier for myself. My chosen theme for April was the “LOVE of Poetry” in honor of National Poetry Month. Here’s what I accomplished:


  • I created a weekly challenge called “Rebirthoflisa Love Poem Challenge” where every Friday during April, I posted an original Love Poem written with my husband in mind. I had one consistent participant during the challenge: Pearls Before Swine. Thanks for your entries, they were great.
  • I chose entries for my Friday Happy dance that I consider poetic.
  • The quotes from noted poets for my Words Crush Wednesday and Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday challenges.
  • I made a conscious effort to seek out blogs that feature poetry and follow the one’s I liked. I read poetry, liked, shared and commented on their posts. I enjoyed this task because I ran across some very creative people who are good at poetry.
  • April also marked a milestone for my favorite poet, Dr. Maya Angelou. She received the honor of having a postage stamp with her likeness released. I honored her by writing a post about the honor and by purchasing the program from the release ceremony.
  • I discovered my voice for poetry and began recording myself reading some of my poems. Poetry is so much better when read aloud and I enjoyed recording and sharing some poems with my audience.

The month of May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and I plan to honor that by showing a LOVE for those who suffer from mental illness.

Here are a few of the updates I received from last month. Remember, when you write your updates, be sure to ping back to THIS article so everyone can see what you’ve been up to in order to honor your word. Don’t forget to tag your post #RebirthOWC.

Maria Holm 

Rosie Reast Writer 

Silver Lining Mama

Grubbs n Critters

It’s not too late to join. Feel free to chime in now. Click the pic below for more details:


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