Thunderclap NOOOOOO!



Hi guys,

You may recall a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post introducing my Thunderclap Campaign. Read it here. I was extremely hopeful when Colleen of Silver Threading suggested I try this medium to help spread the word about my book. I am always looking for new ways to market so I decided to give it a try to see if it would generate any sales.

The Results:


63 of 100
63% of goal supported
Ends May 05, 12:00 AM ED

To the 63 lovely people who took time out of their busy days to help with this campaign, I THANK YOU! Your support means more than you know.

What Happened?

Now comes the confusion… I have over 900 followers of my blog, not to mention my Facebook Friends on my personal account, my followers on my Facebook Author page and Twitter accounts. With all of these people I thought for sure I would be able to convince a minimum of 100 people to support my campaign, but I was wrong. I wrote about the campaign on my blog, which automatically posts to my social media accounts. I did separate tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook as well. In addition to my efforts, several people shared this campaign on their sites several times and still I only reached 63 people who were willing to help.


To help me and Colleen understand what went wrong with the campaign, I am asking that those who did not feel compelled to support the campaign provide feedback. Please take the below survey. For anyone reading this post, please comment and let me know what you think about these types of marketing techniques. Thank you for your time!

14 thoughts on “Thunderclap NOOOOOO!

  1. Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry you did not get the required amount of people to support your campaign. I did support it because I follow your blog and read the post, as well as seeing it over on Colleen’s blog.

    Don’t let it stop you trying again. I know most of us have lots of followers here on WordPress, but I’ve discovered, and read many times, that of all those followers less than 30% ever interact with you or read the posts you publish. It’s a strange fact, but we all have people who decide to follow our blogs never to return ever again.

    Keep up the good work and keep trying. I know there are plenty of people on WordPress who will continue to support you.

  2. Hi Lisa. Third time lucky with this comment. I’ve been in the publicizing game for a while (for myself and others, check out, but this is the first time I read about Thunderclap (found it on Silver Threading’s blog). I clicked, but there’s a sign-up process. Maybe I misunderstood that.

    Firstly, don’t be disappointed, be delighted. When I first published a novel, it was on an ebook site called Bookhabit. I sent out emails to about 100 fam and friends begging them to come and click; clicking cost nothing and I could send them a free copy if they wanted to read before they wanted to click, but guess how many clicks I got: Five! Amazing, right? We could see each other’s stats, so I could still see that I was one of the lucky ones. Many authors got no clicks at all.

    When using social networks, you need to think with a statistical mind. Only a small percentage of those who ever read, clicked, liked or followed your blog are actually regular readers. Even of those, most won’t read every day, so if your deadline is 3 or 5 days, the chances are they will miss it even if they would have clicked, had they spotted it. The Facebook wall is much worse as it’s permanently moving and your post is permanently falling off it. I know that I go off the blogs and off Facebook for weeks, sometimes months. I always feel privileged when I return and find that I still have some regular readers.

    Then also, from being a webmaster I know that there is a “three clicks max” buying rule. Your client on your site must reach the bit he’s interested in, within three clicks; stats have shown that the average internet user will not click more than three times before leaving the site and searching elsewhere. So anything that has to be filled in, any captcha, any place you need to offer up your personal details, is bad news for clicks; it takes a committed person to go there anyway. We all know what the NSA is doing on Facebook; and we all hate it. We also have experienced how giving your email generates spam. Therefore, be forgiving with those who saw the fill-in form and turned away.

    The other thing is: What reward was offered to the clicking patrons? This is an interesting thing to consider. As an author myself, I’d offer a couple of chapters, or something; possibly even beforehand, as an optional download so that you can see how many people actually evaluate your work and how many simply click because they like you. People are funny that way.

    Now to the crux of the matter:

    Sixty-three people contacted out of personal effort is an awesome figure! If I were you, I’d wait two or three months and simply try again.

    You go girl, you can do it.

    • Gipsika,
      Thank you for this very informative and insightful response. It showed me a different way to look at things. I appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me. I am very grateful for the 63 people who supported my campaign. I am never the one to stay down so I will come back with a vengeance. Thank yo so much for helping me out.

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