Staying Positive in the face of Racism!


Negativity Free Zone!

Hi Guys,

Just a quick blog to let you guys know about something disturbing that happened to me via this blog. Yesterday I wrote a post about the civil unrest in the country called “Call to Action”. This post was my way to release some of my angst about the situation in our country today. On this blog I try to remain positive while expressing my opinions because no one can hear you when you are angry and yelling. Plus I am trying to do better in my life, and anger is something I am working on.

When I wrote the article, I figured there would be people who had varying opinions, but I thought we could discuss them in a mature manner like adults. I never expected it to escalate to the point where I would be attacked by someone spouting racist mantras, and threatening to take out the “Black Trouble Makers”. Now I refuse to allow the negativity and hatred of others to change my positive attitude. I also do not want it to taint my blog. As a result, I blocked the comment and will not allow it to infect the rest of my readers.

I wanted to address the person who made the comment. My blog is a place of peace and positivity where all people are accepted and valued. Racism will not be tolerated, but can be cured here. I have nothing but LOVE for you and I will pray that you are healed from your racist and hateful mind. Peace and Blessings!

24 thoughts on “Staying Positive in the face of Racism!

  1. Oh Lisa, I am so sorry this ugliness has come to you. I try to avoid many subjects because there are so many people that think only their way is the right way. You have done the right thing by blocking the nasty comments. Remain positive and kind to all like you always are. ❤

  2. I love the way you deal with it. I had a very aggresssive commentor tvis week too and in the end I told him kind of the same: My blog is a place of peace and light, where peopla can rest, charge their batteries, and hopefully get inspired. Thete can be disagreements but I am not willing to justify my feelings and beliefs. In the end I deleted the whole conversation as well. I am sorry you had to face something like that in such an important and heartfelt matter. But one voice is only ONE voice. Big hugs to you Lisa and thank you for sharing your loveliness with us. Typed it on my phone, sorry for typos.

    • I appreciate your kindness, as always Erika. I have seen times where I would not have handled this situation positively so I am thankful for my growth. It saddens me that people resort to hate to resolve issues that could be taken care of with a simple conversation where everyone respect and listens to the other. Oh and no worries about the typos because you usually spell correctly. lol

  3. I’m sorry for your experience but you can say what you want on your blog without someone being negative and saying things that are inappropriate. You still took the high road and you continue your journey of honesty, peace and kindness.

  4. It is difficult for people to have an open and honest dialogue about race and racism, when there is so much hatred by people who fear those who they view as “the other.” Your post was an expression of your views and no one had the right to attack you in such a negative and hateful way. I am so sorry that you were subjected to this type of garbage.

  5. I cannot applaud you enough for this post, and for your rising above the ignorance. It is a difficult time for me as the wife of a police officer, just as I sensed by your previous post it is a difficult time for you. It is a hard line to draw on your blog- I have done a few posts on my thoughts about law enforcement while trying to maintain the positive, motivating focus of my blog. What we cannot always control or predict is how others will respond. Kudos to you for your stance today.

    • Thank you. I can imagine how difficult it is being an officer and the wife always worries more than they know. This world is full of challenges, it doesn’t need me to escalate situations. I try very hard to remain positive through adversity. I hope you can maintain as well. We all must work together to save our country.

  6. Good for you! I appreciate you not letting it interfere or interrupt the beauty and power behind your message. Remember, there will always be people that try to kill your spirit. But just come back and read all of these beautiful comments to remember the positive influence you have on others. I too received a nasty comment (although my blog post was quite controversial so I’m not surprised lol). Much love!

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