Love Poems Challenge Week #4 – Undying Love

© 2015 Lisa W. Tetting

© 2015 Lisa W. Tetting

Dance with me,

In the middle of the street,

In the pouring rain.

Whisper in my ear,

Those hidden fears

You want nobody else to know,

Your deepest, darkest secrets.

Walk up behind me,

Put your arms around my waist,

Kiss my neck

With warm breath lingering.

Look into my eyes,

Show me your soul,

Reveal your insecurities.

Take my hand,

Promise to never leave me,

Make me feel safe with you.

Tell me the truth

Don’t ever lie

Even when I don’t want to hear it.

Be true to yourself,

Show me the real you,

Don’t try to be anyone else.

When you complete these tasks…

Come to me,

I will LOVE you forever

And will reciprocate

In all you have done for me.

I will lift you up

And support you

In everything you do

Because you have earned my undying


© 2015 Lisa W. Tetting



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