Love Poems Challenge Wk 3 – Reunited Souls



The day you walked into my store
Was a day I can’t forget
You see…
I knew we knew each other;
We were as familiar as you can get.

Your shy smile and adorable face
Told me God had sent you to me
And by His grace…
We found each other once again.

Our souls recognized each other
You see we… Knew one another in the past Long before that day in another place and time,
But somehow we did not last…
But God sent you back to me.

When we spoke you finished my sentences
And I finished yours
You see we…
Vibed off of each other’s spirit
I knew you to the core.

I disregarded your mild stutter and
Did not see the color of your skin.
SO I defied my upbringing and
Decided to let you in.

Your soul spoke to mine
In a language I have never known
Yet it…
Sounded so familiar that
My soul responded in its own tone.

Time and space may have separated us
But the yearning was too strong
For me to…
Live another lifetime without you
Because with you is where I belong.

So I look into your eyes
That change from blue to green with flecks of brown
And I…
Was told they only do that when I am around
So you only have eyes for me!
When you kiss me, my heart
Hemorrhages a love song
And I….
Know how grateful I am
That you came along.

I know one day we’ll
Have to say goodbye
And I…
Know it will hurt like hell
When one of us dies.
But know we will find each other next lifetime!

© 2015 Lisa W. Tetting


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