Love Poems Challenge – Zora’s Blues


I wrote this poem with the protagonist from my novel, The Mistreatment of Zora Langston in mind. It’s called “Zora’s Blues”

A nine year old girl loses her father (2)

Zora’s Blues
By Lisa W. Tetting

I love you but I don’t dare
Take you in my arms and tell you I care
But that’s what I want more than anything
Every time I see you, my heart sings. (but I turn your stomach)

You look at me with ice cold eyes
Sometimes I wish you’d tell me lies
Say you love me and never let me go
These precious words I will never know. (because you hate me)

But I love you more each day
Just tell me what to do or say
To make you love me back
And stop treating me like a welcome mat? (but you enjoy it)

You gave birth to me so I don’t know why
Every time you see me you make me cry
I try my best to no avail
I feel like I’m living in Hell. (because I really am)

“Why Don’t You Love Me” is my theme song
I often wonder why we can’t get along
Moms are supposed to value their daughters
My only love came from my father (and you killed him)

I cry for him and I long for you
What’s a nine year old child to do?
When Daddy’s dead and Mommy is the killer
And she beats me like Ali in Manila (but I will survive)

So Mommy I pray you will change
Just think of all the LOVE you’ll gain
Stop beating me and hug me tight
I need to know everything will be alright. (because it will)

Don’t turn your back and walk away
It’s not to late to change today
Just say the thing I most want you to
And that is simply I LOVE YOU! (and God will fix us)

A Special Thanks to Pearls Before Swine for sharing her wonderful tribute to her husband for last week’s challenge. If you missed it listen to it here.

Want to join the fun? Click the pic below to see how it’s done:



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