Happy Easter!



Even thought I know Easter has absolutely nothing to do with bunnies and chocolate, I don’t care. I am not saying that to be disrespectful. I just like to have fun and I value my childhood memories of waking up on Easter morning to a basket being placed at the foot of my bed and my mom (The Easter Bunny) hopping around saying Happy Easter! She had so much fun making our Easter Baskets and we loved tearing into them to discover our treasures. I have always known about the story of Jesus giving his life for us and being resurrected and ascending to heaven. That is a beautiful story, and I am thankful that he loved mankind so much that he would sacrifice his life on earth for us. In this same spirit I don’t see a problem with parents making the holiday fun for their children. Some of my best holiday memories come around Easter and Christmas, both holidays that center around Jesus. Yes, they have become commercialized in the US, but as long as the original message is passed down I say enjoy yourself. So today as most Christian children in the US celebrate with chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and toys, take the time to remember why we celebrate and then share a meal with your loved ones. Happy Easter!


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