Words Crush Wednesday #wcw – Coretta Scott King


wcw coretta1

Today’s Words Crush Wednesday #wcw is from the beautiful wife of civil rights leader, MLK Jr, who was quite the activist in her own right, Coretta Scott King:

wcw Coretta-Scott-King

Listed below are some wonderful quotes from last week’s participants. Thank you all for joining the challenge and please don’t forget to ping back to this post and tag it #wcw.

Homemade Naturally

Tucked Into a Corner

Good Woman

A Life in Libraries

Rainy Day Reflections

A Year with the Mad Grad Student

Beer Drinker Only

Our Little Apartment

Eat, Play, Clove.

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15 thoughts on “Words Crush Wednesday #wcw – Coretta Scott King

  1. Interesting quote by Coretta Scott KIng. An entire essay could be written about it because she may have been referring to struggles of and freedom for certain groups, but it also could refer to individuals, as in each individual has their struggles and has to achieve freedom within in their own life.

  2. So much meaning behind these words. As Good Woman ^^ said, the reference could be extensive. How I apply to my life right now is that I should not expect to end the struggle, but rather to do my part to help for the time being.

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