2015 One Word Challenge – February Update 3/5


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Hello Everyone,

Since today is the first Thursday of the month, it’s time for us to update each other on how our challenge has been going. I want to extend a big welcome to all those new to the challenge! I have received some great feedback from you all and have seen some very interesting posts. You guys are great and I thank you for the participation.

Now it’s time to update you all on what I did in the month of February to honor my word choice: LOVE. As you may have read in last month’s update, I decided to have a theme for each month just to make it a little more fun and challenging for myself. You all are welcome to do the same if you choose to. Please know this, no matter what you choose to do, or how little or big, it is all up to you. There are NO rules! February’s theme was History. And here’s what I did to honor my “Love of History”:

love history

• For the entire month I focused my #WCW quotes on the sayings of great historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey, William Shakespeare, and Jimi Hendrix
• I posted quotes by the great Maya Angelou about love and life
• Honor was given to Dean Smith, a legend in college basketball history
• To celebrate her birthday and quench my curiosity, I attended the ZORA! Fest honoring the life and legacy of writer, Zora Neale Hurston
• I created a “Book Hunt” challenge to bring focus to the books we read previously
• Featured an article about “The Book of Negros” and watched the mini-series
• Reflected on my wedding by posting Maya Angelou’s poem “A Conceit” – I created handwritten bookmarks as favors for my guests using this poem

This is a majority of things I completed with this challenge in mind. I love to reflect on days gone by to review the things I have done right and remember what I did wrong so I can be sure to correct the mistakes. Reflection is a great thing to do, but we must remember not to stay in the past too long.
For the Month of March, I have chosen to focus on the “Love of Women” in honor of National Women’s History Month.

Here are a few of the pingbacks I received since the last post. When you write your posts, be sure to pingback to this article so everyone can see what you’ve been doing to honor your word. Don’t forget to tag your post #RebirthOWC. If I missed you, please let me know and I will add you to the list.

Damita’s Life“Grief”

The Extrodinary Adventures of Tashina“PROAVTIVE”

Homemade Naturally“JOURNEY”

Nadine Tomlinson “CREATE”

Making it Write“LOVE”

Rosie Reast Writer“Publish”


Kinga Kalandozasai“GREAT(NESS)”


Grubbs n Critters“ABSOLUTION”

Silver Lining Mama“COURAGE”

Seasoned Sistah 2“BLISS”

It’s not too late to join. Click on the picture below for more details:


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  1. I have made a Pingback to your post now and I shall try to make a new widget on my blog on these new subjects that I I have started lately on working on personal things here in the “open space”

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