The Other Side of the Door



Ain’t nothing wrong with the way I look
Try again take a second look
Maybe you missed something the first time
Look deeper like into my mind.

I’m chill and cool and can act a fool
I’m cute and funny…
You don’t know then ask body Hunny.
I’m not the one to take it lightly
take it too far and you’ll see the bad side of me
Let’s keep it civil while we can
We both know you’ll never be my man.

I like them cute and strong with a lot of sense
The way you’re acting you could never be my prince
Be slow to judge and quick to hear
Who knows a great friendship may appear.

So the next time you see a girl walk through the door
Please don’t judge her she’s not a whore
Use your brain not your eyes
Heed this lesson and good things will arise.


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