Flyy Girl Friday Feature: Lisa W. Tetting


My first official interview as an author! A huge Thank you to Audrey at Hey Girl Hey Blog for seeing something in me! Check out this Flyy Girl #heyygurrlheyy


HeyGirlHey!!! Honey child, do we have a special feature for you!

Starting off the re-launch of Flyy Girl Friday,

is fellow blogger and a up & coming author.

Her personality is colorful and her focus is undeniable,

get to know the woman behind the screen.

Ladies and Gents,

Lisa W. Tetting

LisaT1 Blogger & Author

Hi, tell the readers your name and location.

Lisa W. Tetting in Tampa, FL

What is your blog about?

As an up and coming author, RebirthofLisa is my brainchild. There you will find my inner thoughts and lessons I have learned about life, love and the world. I express myself through my writing, poetry and photography. I am open and hones and though I may offend some, my intent is only to tell my truth. Topics will vary depending on what is on my brain at the moment and I try to infuse a little humor along…

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