An Open Letter to My Friend



Dear Mel,

I was shocked and saddened by the news of your untimely passing. I could not catch my breath and then I was in disbelief. You were young and had a great life ahead of you. What did the people on Facebook mean telling you to Rest in Heaven? After looking at your Facebook page there was no denying it. I saw so many condolences it had to be true and I became emotional.

You were a great person and the world was much better having you in it. You unselfishly gave of yourself to help others and always had a kindness that I have always admired. Your love for children was unmatched.
My biggest regret is that we did not remain as close as we used to be. In high school, specifically my junior and senior years, we were very tight. You came to my house when you could and I was always welcomed with open arms by your Pops and brother, Andre. You shared Pops with me knowing I did not have a father around. Never once did you show any jealousy when he would give me a hug or advice that only a man can give to a girl. I never really thanked you for sharing your father’s love and wisdom with me.

Our bond started through sports and even when you decided not to play basketball, you still remained my friend. I remember walking for miles to the store laughing and being silly teenage girls talking about boys and sharing our secret crushes.

Over the years we grew apart, but I was happy you were able to meet the man who would eventually become my husband. Classic Mel, you were kind and accepting where others were not. After many years of absence we were reunited via Facebook a few years back. We both had changed and we did not know each other like we used to, but I have never forgotten that teenage girl who was funny and kind to everyone she met; A good friend who you could trust with your secrets and always there to lend a hand.

You have touched so many lives and given of yourself freely. Now it is your time to rest because God has said your work here is done. Please know that you hold a special place in my heart. When you see Pops please give him a hug from me!

I Love you dear friend,

Lisa Wright-Tetting


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