9th Annual Lung Leaving Day – February 2, 2015



Recently I was contacted via email by a gentleman named Cameron Von St. James who was asking for my help. Normally I delete all mail from any email address that I do not recognize, but something told me to open this one. As I read the email I realized he was not asking for money, a big plus for him, so I continued reading. The only thing he asked for was for me to spread the word about his cause, mesothelioma – a rare cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I was asked to share a little about his family’s story and then talk about a fear of my own.

Of course shady people contact innocent victims all the time with sad stories trying to take advantage of their kindness so I decided to do a little research and was pleasantly surprised. Cameron runs his own blog dedicated to his life as the caregiver for his wife and how they deal with the disease as a family.

What touched me the most was the fact Cameron was not the one afflicted with this awful disease, but his wife Heather. He was acting out of love for her and their daughter. You see, nine years ago soon after giving birth to their daughter, Heather was diagnosed with the disease that was attacking her and she needed a surgery to remove her left lung. The prognosis was grim and only gave her 15 months to live. To ease her nerves before the surgery, Heather’s sister gave the operation the name “Lung Leaving Day”. The surgery went well and she is still going strong nine years later.

This brave family decided to turn their lemons to lemonade and use “Lung Leaving Day” as a way to release their fears. Now they are taking their celebration to a whole new level by hosting a get together on the anniversary of the surgery. Everyone writes their fears on plates and smashes the plates in a fire. Not only do they destroy the plates as a way to release fear, they also use it as a way to raise money for their cause and bring awareness to mesothelioma. The family would love for everyone to support them by visiting Heather’s website and smashing your own virtual plate. Once you’ve done this please spread the word about mesothelioma.

I decided to visit Heather’s site and I typed my fear on my own plate. I have a few fears, but the most prominent one that I decided to type on the plate was “SUCCESS”. I have always known that I wanted to be successful, but I have let the fear of success stop me from realizing my own potential. The latter part of 2013 I decided I would start working on getting rid of that fear. I can honestly say that I am now ready to succeed! I am declaring to the universe I am open to receiving my blessings and I will not look back. Smashing the plate on Heather’s website was a way to put the exclamation point on my declaration!


6 thoughts on “9th Annual Lung Leaving Day – February 2, 2015

  1. Thanks for posting this Lisa. These people had contacted me and I haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. I have fibrosis in my lungs so I can quite relate. I often go through consecutive posts and don’t want to break the flow but I should get on with this.

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