Love is Endless



I’ve met him before
I’m sure of it…. I said to myself
But when and where
It was a mystery.

He seems so familiar
We’ve been intimate and more
I’ve kissed those lips
I just know it

Those eyes that I love
Have gazed upon my face before
That laugh so much like air
I crave his presence
I can’t go on without it.

Your touch is comforting and oh so sensual
But we are strangers
Aren’t we?

We have crossed oceans together
Hand in hand
You are the love of my many lives

Time and space have crossed us before
So now we must
Come together and remember
When we first fell in love

But when and where
It’s still a mystery.

We enjoy our life together and we know one day…. One very sad day we will part again, but now we know it will not be long before we are together again.

But when and where
Will be a mystery.

Lisa W Tetting


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