The Adventures of the Invisible Fat Lady – Davis Island, FL



Another weekend is upon us…Yea!!! It’s time for me and the hubby to go out exploring our new surroundings again. Last week we stumbled upon a little spot near downtown Tampa called Davis Island an island suburb of Tampa and was the dream of Dave Davis considered the “Florida version of the Great Gatsby.” We took a chance there was something interesting in this area and we were pleasantly surprised.

We discovered Seaplane Basin Park located a stone’s throw away from Peter O. Knight Airport and bordered on the other side by a body of water called the Seaplane Basin. (Hence the name) It was a very serene area with people sitting on benches, riding bikes and fishing. We ran into one bike rider who had her precious little terrier in the basket, just like in the “Wizard of Oz” only his name is Cooper not Toto. How do I know the dog’s name you ask? Well, he was so darn cute my husband was compelled to make friends. I had to drag him away from betting the little munchkin who was totally into it. Little Cooper went on to play fetch with his mama in the grass… so cute.


We walked around the area people watching and chatting. The views were beautiful as you will see in the pictures posted below and the weather was great. While we were there several sea planes took off from the airport and a helicopter landed much to my delight. I have a thing for whirly birds. We also drove around a little and located a dog park and the Davis Island Yacht Club. We also watched at least two cruise ships sail by on a journey out to sea. Hmm, I wonder which island they were headed to.

After returning home I did a little research and ran across the website for the 9th Annual Islands Fest. The festival will be held on March 28 and attendees are encouraged to join the fun by land, air or sea because of the location’s accessibility. There will be an auto show, sailboats in the Seaplane Basin and Airplane displays. I think I found something for us to do that weekend…. Score!

6 thoughts on “The Adventures of the Invisible Fat Lady – Davis Island, FL

  1. Sounds like a lovely adventure. I think Florida is where Marley the Golden Retriever lived. Can’t remember the proper name of the book.
    Being a dog lover myself, I’m a bit like your husband and stop to meet and greet any dog who strays across my path.

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