The Adventures of the Invisible Fat Lady – 600 Block Street Art



A few weekends ago my husband and I went to St. Petersburg to explore our new surroundings. We decided to go to The downtown area to see what we could discover. What we found was mind-blowing for someone like me who loves street art.


The 600 Block is an area I read about online because someone defaced one of the buildings that hosts a mural of Frida Kahlo the famous Mexican Painter and activist. When I heard there was street art there I had to go see what else was on the walls. Here is a sample of the wonderful creations we saw:

We also ran into an artist named Thirst who was hard at work on his latest creation. He agreed to let me take pictures of him working and here he is:



In addition to the great art work, we also visited the Indie Street Market. The vendors are set up on a side street that is blocked off from traffic and people sell their creations. There was a booth about stopping violence against blacks around the world, a t-shirt booth, jewelry, soaps, art, etc. and I even purchased a James Baldwin book from one of the vendors there. They are open the first and third Saturday of every month. There are also several permanent stores up and down the area with all sorts of great items.

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