I’ve Been Nominated for the Premio Dardos Award!



There is no better way to end the year than to be nominated by my fellow blogger, Ruchi at Come Travel Along, for the Premio Dardos Award! I humbly accept the award and am very thankful for the recognition. Please take some time and check out Ruchi’s travel blog, a well put together journey through photographs.
How does this thing work? Well just keep reading:

dardos rules

Now for the fun part…. I get to nominate the following blogs:

1) http://tiffandcoco.com/
2) http://thereadingbud.com/
3) http://thepbsblog.wordpress.com/
4) http://wisdomofafrica.wordpress.com/
5) http://originalwomanempowerment.wordpress.com/
6) http://thelightnc.hellobeautiful.com/
7) http://revolutionaryinpinkpumps.com/
8) http://artbecomesyou.com/
9) http://nadinetomlinson.com/
10) http://worldiction.com/
11) http://livelytwist.wordpress.com/
12) http://wholefullness.com/
13) http://itsphblog.wordpress.com/
14) http://pearldonyxo.wordpress.com/
15) http://ruthspoetry.wordpress.com/

There you have it. I hope you will visit the above blogs and I am sure you will like what you read.

21 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated for the Premio Dardos Award!

  1. Go Get Yo Life

    I know this is late but a praise is still in order. I am thankfull to be recognized by someone like you! It really feels like an honor! To know someone thinks of my work in such a great way is awesome! Your writings are flawless! Continue to be a beacon for others my dear friend!!!

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