Rebirthoflisa’s Most Stylish Women in 2014



I decided to list my favorite ladies who have style and grace. These ladies not only have a great sense of fashion, they are examples of how to carry yourself in a dignified manner. Here are my top 20 choices:

20) Janelle Monet – This Cover Girl is very eclectic and dances to the beat of her own drummer. She is original and always on point. You just have to love a natural girl who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t let anyone change who she is at the core!

19) Uzo Aduba – The first of three on the list from the series “Orange is the New Black”. This lady is known for her character, Crazy Eyes, is almost unrecognizable when not on set. She is quite the opposite of her character, as she is beautiful, graceful and very articulate.

18) Viola Davis – This lady has always been a class act and now the world is giving her the recognition she deserves. Usually know for her roles as domestics and drug addicts, Ms. Davis showed everyone she is a formidable lead actress in her new series “How to Get Away With Murder” and she looks great while doing it.

17) Jada Pinkett Smith – Jada is Gor- Geous! This 40 something beauty makes the 20 something women jealous. She rocks a bikini like no other. Jada has been known for grace on the red carpet and I think she handles adversity in the same fashion.

16) Keke Palmer – No longer is she the little girl from Akeelah and the Bee. Keke is all grown up and knows how to work a red carpet. She is not afraid to take chances and as a 20 something woman she is able to wear those fashions that show her youth and legs! Her recent haircut put her in a whole new league – Very sharp!

15) Kimberly Elise – Since she first came on the scene in the movie Set it Off, Kimberly Elise has been one of my favorites. She is a great actor and has made some great choices in the movies she appears in. She has some of the best hair in the business and I admire her ability to be a vegan.

14) Zoe Saldana – Sultry, slinky and oh so sassy, Zoe stands out among her peers. Style comes effortless to her and she knows how to work it! Weather she is rocking the red carpet pregnant or post baby Zoe is a STAR!

13) Robin Roberts – When you think of grace and resilience, Robin Roberts comes to mind. She has fought the Big C and other illnesses in front of the world and kicked butt all with a smile on her face. Bald or rocking short cut, she knocks the fashion game on its rear end.

12) Toni Braxton – Beauty and a mesmerizing voice are not the only advantages Ms. Braxton has going for her. She can dress her tail off and proved on stage that she can still look good during a wardrobe malfunction. I don’t think anyone in the audience cared that her dress was unraveled because she was smart enough to wear something underneath. Beauty, brains and that voice; it’s just not fair.

11) Tamera Mowry-Housley – Being a twin must be hard sometimes, but this lady handles it with no problem. She has her own identity and now that she is working on her talk show “The Real”, she is voicing her opinion publicly. No longer the little girl from “Sister, Sister” she is a beautiful wife and mom who is doing things her own way.

10) Laverne Cox – Setting standards is nothing new to this woman. Our second actress from “Orange is the New Black” is showing the world that transgender is just a label. If you weren’t told she wasn’t born a female you wouldn’t know. Laverne is kicking doors off the hinges for herself in Hollywood and bringing the rest of us with her is a most stylish way.

9) Porsha Williams – Reality TV and Style are not bedfellows, however Porsha is the exception. She knows how to accentuate every last curve she has and does it well. You never see her out and not put together. After having the Peach taken from her because of a momentary lapse in judgment during the reunion show last season, she has shown she is not one to hang her head and cry. She has used her fame to her advantage and has a few businesses and a job working with Rickey Smiley. Way to keep your composure.

8) Sanaa Lathan – This chick here is always on point! She seems to be aging backwards; forever looking young and fresh. Her classic style is on trend and she is not afraid of colors. She looks great in anything she puts on and she never has a hair out of place.

7) Danielle Brooks – Our final pick from the series “Orange is the New Black” is a dream. She has hips, thighs and seems to love pies, but that doesn’t keep her from looking great! This woman knows how to work a red carpet and a camera for that matter. She is a charming and beautiful member of #Team Natural.

6) Kelly Rowland – If Kelly did not sing like an angel, she could make a great living as a stylist. This Fashionista knows how to put an outfit together. This year we saw her go from wearing backless gowns to maternity wear and she looked heavenly doing it. This new mom shines!

5) Michelle Obama – Our current FLOTUS is the best dressed First Lady in my lifetime. Her stylist has her very well put together and should get a raise. She has great taste and that has rubbed off on her girls as well. Truthfully, Mrs. O could hold her own with most of the top stars in the business with no problem.

4) Kerry Washington – Style should be this lady’s middle name. She has been deemed a fashion icon because of her portrayal of Olivia Pope, but Kerry has a style all her own. She also had a baby this year and was able to transition between her regular size and maternity clothes. Her baby bump was the only indication that she was with child because her choice of clothes did not suffer.

3) Lupita Nyong’o – Hollywood’s newest “It Girl” has shown the world the meaning of style and grace. She is elegant, well spoken and has a beautiful soul. This woman can wear any hue in the rainbow and look like silk. She has proven a woman’s worth does not lie in her tresses. This dark skinned, short haired beautiful woman has broken down some walls and dispelled some stereotypes in La-La Land and I hope the trend continues.

2) Solange Knowles – One of my favorite ladies in music, Solo is known for her unique style. She is known for wearing bright colors and pairing different types of prints. She is a woman who takes chances and they usually work in her favor; so much so she was chosen as creative director for her shoe line at Puma. The world needs Solange because it would be so very boring without her.

1) Rihanna – Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous! Take a bow Ms. Fenty. When you think of fashion in US Pop Culture there is only one name at the top of the pack. Blessed with a seductive body, this young woman can wear anything! She can wear street wear, red carpet looks and Chanel all in the same week. She has gone braless in see through tops and even wore a sheer gown to honor Josephine Baker that bared everything including her thong. There isn’t anyone who pushed the envelope better!


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