25 Days of Christmas – Day 23 This Christmas


this christmas

This Christmas is a charming holiday movie about a large family coming together to celebrate the holiday. It is the typical feel good movie and may resemble your own family celebrations. That is if your mom is living with Joe who is a deacon in the church, but is pretending that he doesn’t live there because she doesn’t want her older children to be upset. Joe has been in their lives for several years and acts as a father figure for the family. She has abandonment issues because her husband left her years ago to peruse a music career. Because of this she forbids her younger children from having a career in music. She tried this with her oldest son, but it just pushed him further in the music scene.

You have an older brother, Quentin who hasn’t been home in over 4 years because he is a busy musician, just like his father. Quentin has a huge problem with Joe and his mom being close because he is still holding out for his father to come home. He also has a gambling problem and is in to a bookie for 25 grand. He is coming home to try and avoid the bookie breaking his legs because he has no money. Unfortunately his luck runs out as his sister unknowingly leads the thugs to their mother’s house on Christmas Eve.

Next there’s Kelli, the sister who is married to her career, but is open to finding love. She gets busted by her mom with her BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend) while trying to be discreet. She eventually finds her very own Santa Claus who is more than happy to make her Christmas wish come true – no batteries needed.

You have another sister named Lisa who is married to an arrogant a-hole and has two kids. Lisa helps run the family business with their mom, but her cheating husband has convinced her to go behind her mother’s back and get the rest of the kids to sell the business. Lisa is aware of her husband’s infidelity, but has chosen to ignore it until her sister Kelli talks some sense into her. She has one of the best breakups in the history of Christmas movies.

Middle brother Claude is in the USMC and is home for the holidays despite his Sergeant denying his pass. He has a slew of surprises for the family including being AWOL and a new wife who no one knows about. His wife has a surprise of her own… She’s pregnant. Claude gets in trouble at a night club because some guys disrespected his wife and gets arrested. Joe calls in a favor to keep him from being locked up.

Next we have little sister Mel who has been away in college. She brings her boyfriend home to meet the family. She is a spoiled young lady and really has very little plot in the movie.

Finally we have Baby, the youngest son in the family. He is still in high school and wants more than anything to sing. He has hidden his talent from his family because of his mom’s issues with music. He is very talented and eventually is found out by his brothers and sisters. Joe helps him to share his news with his mom during Christmas Service at church.

There is a feel good happy ending to this movie and everyone lives happily ever after!



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