25 Days of Christmas – Day 22 Elf



Elf is the story of Buddy, an overly exuberant man played by Will Ferrell, who thinks he is one of Santa’s elves. He was adopted by Papa Elf as a baby and raised as one of their own, but in true human form is super sized compared to all of the other elves. Buddy is super duper happy and smiling is his favorite! He gets excited at the thought of seeing Santa.

When Buddy grows up Papa Elf breaks the news that he was adopted and is actually a human, not an elf. Buddy decides he must journey to New York to find he real dad who turns out to be a rich business man with his own family. Upon his arrival in the Big Apple, Buddy goes into a department store wearing his elf suit, which is normal for him and he is mistaken as an employee.


Through a series of adventures and lots of silliness, Buddy end up finding his real dad and lives with the family for a while. The family is quite surprised to find that Buddy has a very unusual diet that consists of sugar, candy canes, candy corn, oh and plenty of maple syrup! He eats it on everything.

He meets a girl at work and instantly becomes smitten. She likes him as well and they begin to hang out forming a bond. Buddy has a few rude awakenings at work that cause him to get into a little trouble with the law. He discovers the Santa he was so excited to see is actually an impostor sitting on a throne of lies! Buddy exposes the fake Santa which causes a brawl in front of the kids. This gets him arrested and his real dad has to bail him out.

Buddy bonds with his step brother, Michael and finds his dad is a work-a-holic who puts his career before the family. He gets a job in the mail room at his dad’s company to get closer to him. Eventually they bond and Buddy ends up saving Christmas for everyone.


When you watch this movie be sure to be in a silly mood or it will annoy the pants off of you. Will Ferrell’s over the top antics are great if you’re feeling groovy, but if you are the slightest bit down it will make you curse, scream and throw your remote control through the wall. Happy watching!



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