25 Days of Christmas – Day 21 Miracle on 34th Street


This is one of the most loved and well known Christmas stories around. Instead of giving a review, I decided to write a little poem:


A miracle, a miracle
I need a Christmas miracle
Nobody believes me when I say
I am Kris Kringle so make way…

They locked me up & think I’m loco
Adults are jaded and don’t believe in me anymore
The kids still believe and come to my rescue
When Doris tries to put me in Bellevue…

They poke, prod and get into my head
I’d be locked up now if it wasn’t for Fred
Now Dasher, Dancer, Doner and Blitzen
You’d better hurry before I come up missin

I should have never trusted a store like Macy’s
I got popular and they try to 86 me
I got sprung just in time to save the day
The judge said no one better stand in my way…

Do you believe you are Santa
Was the question at hand
Of course I answered
I’m your man!



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