25 Days of Christmas – Day 20 The Perfect Holiday


perfect holiday

The Perfect Holiday is a Romantic tale of a divorcee Nancy, played by Gabrielle Union, who is looking for love again. She has three children and an ex husband J-Jizzy who is a ratchet rapper, brilliantly played by Charlie Murphy. She lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to her ex husband’s success, but would give it all up to find true love. She is a very humble lady who just wants to meet Mr. Right. Enter aspiring songwriter Benjamin, played by the handsome Morris Chestnut. While Benjamin is waiting for his big break into the music industry, he plays Santa for the local mall.

Nancy and Benjamin’s paths cross when she takes her kids to the mall to see Santa and her little girl asks him to bring a man to compliment her mommy for Christmas. Benjamin is intrigued and after he sees the girl’s mom he is smitten. He decides to make the girl’s wish come true. Heck, he’s single and ready to mingle and Nancy is a good looking woman. He develops a scheme to meet her that works like a charm and since he is charming and attractive she agrees to date him.

They become an item and Nancy’s daughter is ecstatic, her son however has an issue with him. The son wants his parents to reunite and longs for love from his absentee father. J-Jizzy is so busy with his career; he spends no time with his kids. He substitutes money for love and pretty much couldn’t be bothered with his children.

Meanwhile, J-Jizzy needs a new song for his Christmas album and he runs across a track from Benjamin’s demo. Neither of them knows the other’s relationship to Nancy and they begin a business relationship. Once he finds out, Benjamin continues to see Nancy without telling her or J-Jizzy and that’s when the problem starts. You’ll need to watch it to see if they live happily ever after or if Nancy dumps him for good.

This movie is cute and I would watch it after drinking a glass or two of eggnog. It star an all star cast with Kat Williams, Queen Latifah, Terrance Howard and Faison Love joining Chestnut, Murphy and Union.



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