The Stress of the White House


presidential-seal (1)

Lately I’ve noticed a picture going around the web of President Obama in 2009 and a split screen of him in 2014. The vast difference of the two men in those pictures started me thinking what it must be like for the man on top. Indeed the job is stressful, that’s a given, but I never thought about how the stress manifests itself physically. I knew this was not unique to our current president so I decided to do a picture comparison of every POTUS who has held office in my lifetime. Each one looked soo very young at the beginning of his term and so old at the end. I ask you, is it really worth the stress and wear & tear on the body to have the chance to be the leader of the free world. I wonder if these men could do it over, if they would have opted out. Look for yourself:

President Obama in 2009 and 2014:
pres 1

President George W. Bush 2001 and 2009:

President Clinton 1993 and 2001:

President George Bush Sr 1989 and 1993:

President Reagan 1981 – 1989:

President Carter 1977 and 1981:

President Ford 1974 and 1977:

President Nixon 1969 and 1974:


7 thoughts on “The Stress of the White House

  1. So true, I never quite noticed the aging was so bad. Maybe it’s because they are doing all the worrying for a nation, that will surely fast track your aging 🙂 .

  2. Of course every one ages over the course of 4 and 8 years. Not possible to ever know but I wonder what the before and after photos would look like if these men had worked instead as, say, accountants or store clerks?

    So many problems and issues and situations for the president to address and deal with. So many variables and ‘pop-up’ events that occur throughout the country and across the globe, things that need to be dealt with and take time, focus and energy away from current agendas.

    It’s exhausting just thinking about what it must take – day in and day out – to endure the kind of pressure is put on the President of the United States. Makes me wonder sometimes why any person ever seeks this highest office in the land.

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