25 Days of Christmas Challenge – Day 17 Best Man Holiday


best man holiday

It’s day 17 of the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge and today’s movie is Best Man Holiday. This movie is the sequel to Best Man and takes place 15 years later. As the college friends, some now frenemies, reunite under one roof to celebrate Christmas, they discover someone is hiding a devastating secret; one that takes you through a variety of emotions.


My name is Mia Sullivan and I am what you call the ultimate good girl. I am married to the famous NY Giant, Lance Sullivan and we have four lovely children LJ, Faith, August and Hope. On the surface we are living a charmed life; I mean we live in a multi-million dollar mansion, have more money than we know what to do with, and a strong faith in God. But like everyone else, there is room for improvement.

You see Lance and I met in college; the typical sorority girl falls in love with the star football player, only our relationship had some drama. To get back at Lance for doing me wrong, I slept with his best friend Harper. Now this was kept a secret for several years even among our close group of friends. That is until the night before my wedding. Harper was a budding writer and decided to write a fiction book with a lot of real life crossover. Long story short, Lance figured it out and almost called off the wedding and his relationship with Harper ended.

Flash forward 15 years and although my life is wonderful I found out I have cancer and I won’t be around much longer. My last wish is to have everyone at our home for Christmas and reunite Lance and Harper because they need each other, even if they don’t know it. With God’s graces everyone decided to show up for our week of holiday cheer. I have everything planned and I am hopeful Lance and Harper will get along. Our house is huge and everyone will be staying with us… Let’s see we have Harper who is a troubled writer and his pregnant wife Robyn a chef, Julian & his wife Candace, who run a school and their two daughters, Jordan my best friend who is also a media mogul and her boyfriend Brian, Quentin a consultant and finally Shelby a reality star and her daughter.

I expect some drama with this group, but I anticipate everyone having a great time. Lance has promised to be on his best behavior and I must say he is keeping his word except where Harper is concerned. He doesn’t realize he is actually mad at me, but his anger is directed toward Harper. Lance has a lot of pressure on him as he is attempting to break the NFL rushing record and winning this game on Christmas will put his team in the playoffs. Not to mention hosting all of his old college friends where there is tension all while trying to conceal the fact that I am sick. We don’t want anyone to know because I don’t want to ruin the celebration. The most important thing is making sure the kids enjoy Christmas so they will have good memories of their mother after I die. I feel my time is short, I just hope I can live to see everyone back together again enjoying themselves and loving each other.

Lance and I have put all of our faith in God and pray He allows me to see this last dream come true. Lance is the most wonderful husband in the world and the love he showers on me is unbelievable. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to share my life. I worry about my babies and how they will grow up without their mom, but I have a great friend in Jordan and she has promised to look after them as their Godmother. Of course my mom will be around to help, but there is nothing like a mother’s love.
I hope you will watch the movie for all of the drama, love fun and a special musical number staring Airband. There is also a funeral and a birth to deal with; you will laugh, cry and laugh again.



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