25 Days of Christmas- Day 14 Last Holiday


last holiday

Last Holiday is a fun filled story about a hard working, thrifty woman, Georgia Byrd, who finds out she only has a few weeks to live. She quits her job and cashes in her 401k to travel from her home in New Orleans to Prague and partakes in the adventure of her dreams. Georgia is the type of woman who dreams, but never does. She cooks gourmet meals every evening only to give it to the neighbor kid while she eats Lean Cuisine. She finally decides to live life to the fullest because she has nothing to lose.

Her first adventure is on the airplane on the way to Prague where she is in coach and the man in front of her, who is pretty large, tries to recline his seat. This does not sit well with Georgia because she is “not flying all the way to Prague with a stranger in her lap”. As a result she splurges on an upgrade to First Class where she has her own private pod and champagne!

Upon arrival there are no available taxis so she decides to hire a helicopter to fly her to the ultra luxurious Hotel Pup (Pronounced poop). The staff automatically takes her for a rich person and she books the Presidential Suite because her room wasn’t ready. During her stay she runs into the owner of the company she used to work for as a clerk and a senator that was suppose to speak at her church, but obviously couldn’t because he was in Europe.

Her trip goes on a few twists and turns with her new friends and a few of the hotel staff. Everyone loves her except her former boss who believes she is a fraud. She never actually claimed to be anyone other than who she was, but they all assumed she was rich and important because of the way she carried herself.

The end has a nice surprise and I won’t ruin it for you. Just know she finds love with the guy she was crushing on at work even after he finds out that she is dying. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out what really happens!



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