25 Days of Christmas – Day 13 How the Grinch Stole Christmas


grinch stole

This is an oldie but goody! Everyone knows someone in their life who fits the mold of a “Grinch”. You know the one, always something negative to say, brings down your mood when you are happy. That old transference of emotions deal. Well, in the spirit of this movie I ask you to be a little more patient with your “Grinch”. Remember just like the one in the story, he may be mean on the outside, but he is simply longing for someone to breakdown the walls and show him some love! This is the animated version, not the Jim Carey version. It features the voice of the infamous Boris Karloff as the Grinch.


My name is Max and I am a lovable, yet abused little dog who lives with the meanest creature on the planet…The Grinch! We live in a small cave on the mountain side above Whoville. Every year my owner grumbles and barks because he is angry that the fine people of Whoville are singing and enjoying themselves. My favorite human in the town is a little girl named Cindy Lou Who. She is the sweetest child and always sneaks me treats when old Grinchie isn’t looking.

This year he has hatched up another plan to ruin Christmas for the people of the town and he is forcing me to participate. He treats me like a slave instead of a pet. Here’s his plan:

First he’s going to dress up like Santa Claus, which means I will be forced to be a reindeer including the antlers. I will be required to pull a heavy sleigh all the way down the mountain, wait while he cleans out the entire town of everything related to Christmas, including the roast beast, and drag it all back up the mountain. Not to mention I will have to pull his weight as well. All of this to keep Whoville from enjoying Christmas. What he doesn’t realize is the nice people don’t need all those material things to enjoy Christmas. They celebrate being together with loved ones and neighbors. As long as they are together they will be happy. This is a concept he does not understand.

The Grinch is a cold and uncaring creature who likes to pretend he needs no one and nothing makes him happy. I know the real deal; he is lonely and has been hurt in the past. Rumor has it he used to be married to a beautiful lady who was full of joy and laughter. She made his life worth living and when she died several years ago on Christmas, his heart shrunk and turned cold.

I am going to do my best not to let him continue like this. I am enlisting Little Cindy Lou to help melt the ice around his heart and help it to grow. He cannot continue on this way. My plan will succeed and The Grinch will be happy going forward. The question is what will he do now that he is going to be in a good mood?



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