25 Days of Christmas – Day 10 It’s a Wonderful Life



It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic. It was shot in black and white and stars Jimmy Stewart. There are life lessons throughout the movie, but it is not preachy. If you have never watched it, this is one you need to sit down and spend the two hours and 22 minutes necessary to watch this one!


“You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down… I’ll give you the moon Mary.” These are the classically romantic words spoken by George Bailey, the center of the movie. You see George was being romantic without really knowing it. He’s a silly and charming dreamer who intends to travel the world and see everything. The last thing he wants is to spend his entire life stuck in Bedford Falls working a suffocating job like his father. He has his whole life planned out and it does not include getting married and working in one job for the rest of his life, but that is exactly what happens to him.

George was all set to leave for Europe to begin his life of travel when his father died. Instead of tramping around the countryside of France he used the money to send his little brother to college while he stayed home took care of his mother and took over his father’s company. The plan was still in motion, once his little brother Harry returned from college, George would set out for his adventure and George would run the company.
Just like clockwork George returned home after his graduation, but he brought along a surprise… a wife. His new wife had a rich father who offered Harry a job with his company and there goes George’s plans again. Good old George doesn’t really put up much of a fight. His mother talks him into seeing Mary, the young lady to which he spouted those famous romantic words who has also been away at college. Mary was head over heels for George, but he acted as if he did not return the feelings. He goes to see her. Makes an ass of himself and then redeems himself. They end up getting married, having 4 children and buying a fixer upper house that Mary was in love with.

Good old George continues to work at his Father’s company with his uncle helping poor people buy homes and giving them loans even though he is well aware they cannot afford to pay him back in a timely manner. The resident evil scrooge of the town, Mr. Potter tries everything he can to buy out George to exploit the towns people. George is able to thwart Mr. Potter’s evil plans until one day when his uncle unknowingly gives the $8000 bank deposit to the scrooge. The uncle’s memory is a little wonky and he can’t remember where the money went which would cause George to be arrested and sent to jail for misappropriation of funds.

The evil Mr. Potter is aware of the mistake, but does and says nothing to return the money in order to finally get rid of George’s company. George desperately turns to his nemesis for help to no avail. George has a break down and goes on a tirade when he returns home. Mary and the children are worried and say a prayer for him. George also finds himself asking God for help as he contemplates killing himself after Mr. Potter points out George is worth more dead than he is alive.

Enter Clarence, an A2 angel who has been trying to earn his wings for over 200 years. Now is his chance! If he can help George get back on track he gets those coveted wings. After much back and forth and a little hard hardheadedness from George, Clarence is finally able to help him realize he is needed in the world. Thanks to his wife’s quick thinking, the towns people come together to raise the money George needs and save him from jail. Then George’s daughter delivers one of the most popular lines in film history, “Look Daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.



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