25 Days of Christmas Challenge – Day 7 Scrooged



First name Ebeneezer
Last name Scrooge
The last thing I want to see
On Christmas is you!

Get out of my yard
Don’t ring my bell
All you Carolers can go to Hell!

Don’t need your present
Don’t need your Christmas duck
Truth is the truth
I don’t really give a fuck!

All of you ghosts past and present
Go away because you’re irrelevant
Kiss my ass you spooky haunts
Take a hike or do what you want!

You can’t change my mind
You can say it’s a sin
You won’t melt my heart
Not even Tiny Tim!

When I wake in the morning
You’d better be gone
Back to purgatory
Where you belong!

Learn your lesson
Don’t mess with me
I hate Christmas
Me and Bill Murray!



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