25 Days of Christmas Challenge – Day 5 Frosty the Snowman



I have to admit Frosty used to be a favorite of mine as a child, but as I have gotten older the charm has worn off. As I watched it today preparing for this blog post, I realized I no longer like it. I can’t explain the shift in opinions, but it is real, but since I put it on the list I will push on.


Happy Birthday! These are the first words of a silly brought to life snowman that the children made on Christmas Eve. He was made of magical Christmas Snow and wore a wonderful magic hat the children pilfered from me, Professor Hinkle the town magician. I mean I took my hat off in frustration after my trick didn’t work and those kids stole it and acted as if I had no right to it. Truth be told, I only wanted it because I knew the magic worked, however it was mine and I paid for it. Finder’s keeper doesn’t work in the real world!

I took my hat back, but my darn rabbit decided to take it back to the children. I was so upset by this betrayal that I decided I would get revenge. Little Karen foolishly accompanied Frosty on his trip to the North Pole and I saw my chance to get my hat back. I hopped the train they were on and followed them to the woods, blew out the fire that was keeping her warm and chased them both into a heated greenhouse. I knew Frosty couldn’t take the heat so I planned to get my hat back once he melted. My plan was thwarted by that meddling Santa Clause. At first I was strong, but he threatened me with no more presents for the rest of my life if I touched the hat. Santa brought Frosty back to life and sent me home to write my punishment 100 times. Curses, spoiled again!!



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