25 Days of Christmas Challenge – Day 2 Home Alone 2


Home Alone 2

Home Alone 2 comes in a close second for on my all time favorite Christmas Movie List. I absolutely delight in the shenanigans of Kevin McCallister as he terrorizes burglars Marv and Harry aka the Wet Bandits aka the Sticky Bandits and the hotel staff throughout this movie. I especially like the scene where Kevin is watching Rat Bait and then uses the movie to trick the hotel staff.

My name is Kevin McCallister and I am the youngest kid in a family with 5 children. I am always getting picked on and my oldest brother Buzz does not hesitate to make my life a living hell on a daily basis. My mom and dad make a great living and we have a large house in the suburbs of Chicago. Every year around Christmas we have a family get together with my Uncle Frank and his wife and their 5 kids. The worst is my young cousin Fuller who still wets the bed. This year after the holiday concert we are going to Florida as a family. Who wants to spend Christmas in a tropical climate? Last year we took a family trip and I was left at home by mistake. This year I am getting on that plane.

Everything was going great until my stupid brother Buzz decided to embarrass me during my holiday concert solo. I let my temper get the best of me and punched him causing a fiasco, which resulted in our piano player being injured. Afterwards Buzz and I were given the opportunity to apologize and I was ready to do so, but then he called me a trout sniffer. He was lying the whole time and everyone believed him. I refused to apologized and let them have it and was sent to the attic.

This time I was not left behind, but as we went through the airport to our plane I got mixed up and followed a man who I thought to be my dad, but after boarding the wrong plane ended up in New York City! At first I was shocked, but I decided I would rather be in NY for Christmas than Florida so off I went.

I took a cab to a hotel I saw on TV and made a reservation from their lobby. I was having the time of my life tricking these stupid hotel workers who actually believed my story about being on a business trip with my dad. I visited the best toy store in the city and even had my very own cheese pizza for breakfast. At the store I met a nice man who gave me a pair of turtle doves because I made a donation to the Children’s Hospital. As I was leaving the toy store trouble found me. The thieves that broke into my house last year escaped from prison and guess who ran into me on the streets of NY? That’s right; Marv and Harry were out for revenge. I was able to escape and run back to the hotel, but they figured out I was lying and tried to arrest me. With nowhere to go, I decided to visit my Uncle Rob who lives in the city. Unfortunately I found that Uncle Rob and Aunt Georgette were out of town and their house was being renovated. I decided this would be my home base to attack the Sticky Bandits and I terrorized them using tricks I learned watching TV and reading books. I can be a little mischievous if pushed.

Long story short, I made friends with a homeless lady named Mary who feeds the birds, I got the police to arrest Marv and Harry, I saved the donations from the toy store and the kids at Children’s Hospital were able to get their money and I saved Christmas for my family, who was miserable in Florida just like I said. I gained the respect of my brother Buzz and everyone was happy until the room service bill arrived. Hey, I told you I can get into mischief.


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