How to Write a Great Love Letter to Your Spouse – NaBloPoMo #10


love letter

These days everyone is so busy running around doing chores, working a ridiculous amount of hours and trying to support friends and family that we sometimes forget to take care of home. Your spouse needs your attention too and it doesn’t have to take that much time. Just a little wink or an out of the blue kiss on the neck from behind can go a long way. When it comes to romance, sometimes married couples can get in a rut. Don’t worry; I’m here to help…. For men this may be a bit more difficult, but you can handle it. After all, you are the stronger sex, right? Since women are typically known as the ones who crave the romance, this task will be great for you to do because it will be completely unexpected and believe it or not, our husbands crave romance too. (They just have difficulty admitting it and you shouldn’t make them)

Here’s a little project that will get you several brownie points and will remind you why it is you married this person to begin with. It will be difficult at first and may take you several drafts, but once you get it done, it’s like butter baby!

Here’s what you need:
Stationary & Envelope – Head to a local stationary store, craft store, Hallmark or Target. They all have good choices, but be sure to choose the Letter sheets, not note cards. For this type of project, you want to be sure to pick letterhead that is meaningful. If she likes butterflies get something classy with butterfly accents. If he likes airplanes or boats the same thing. Just don’t choose something childlike or whimsical.
• A Good Writing Pen – Use a pen that won’t bleed or smudge on your stationary.
Wedding photos, Photo albums, and reminders of the past
Stickers to seal the envelope

Now you’re ready to begin:

Step 1:

Write a draft(s)
Before you start writing, you must have an idea of what to write. Since this is a love letter you want to think about why you love this person. Here’s a clue “Because you are beautiful” is not a great way to start. Of course everyone wants to know that they are attractive to their spouse, but in a love letter it is most likely the last thing to mention. It’s ok to say your spouse is attractive, just find a way to work it into the meat of the letter. You need to flashback to the time before you were married. Did they make you laugh or make you feel safe? Was it the way she looked at you or maybe it was the way he gently brushed your hair out of your eyes? Whatever it was jot that down, remember that feeling and start writing on plain paper. Right now you are just making notes for your master piece.

Step 2:

Write your heart out and don’t hold back. This is the person you are sharing your life with and you don’t have to hide your true feelings. Open up and express the most vulnerable thoughts you have about your spouse. You must be authentic or they will see right through you and all of your effort will be for not. If you are not a poet don’t try to be. It’s OK to use a thesaurus, but don’t try to be someone you are not. Just be yourself. Your spouse will appreciate it more.

Step 3:

Review what you have written to ensure it relays just what you wanted to say. If there are typos and you don’t have time to start over, correct it right there on the paper because it’s charming and nobody is perfect. (Unless you are a type A personality, then you must re-write)

Step 4:

Fold the letter in three even sections and place in the envelope and seal with the sticker you have chosen.

Step 5:

Delivery is everything. Think of a special way to present your letter; It all depends on the type of relationship you have. Here are some good options:

• A picnic is always great and romantic if you plan it ahead of time.
• Take a day trip to the beach or a mountain town. Find a romantic spot and out comes the letter. You may want to research the town for say a church where a famous couple got married, etc.
• Ask him/her to join you for coffee at a local coffee house, while you are sitting there enjoying each other’s company slip the envelope on the table with a desert.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it? There are a million scenarios that will warm his/her heart strings. The trick is knowing your spouse. Remember this is an out of the blue, unexpected gift to your spouse so presentation is everything. Now get out to your local store, pick up some nice stationary and get to writing! Your spouse will thank you.


6 thoughts on “How to Write a Great Love Letter to Your Spouse – NaBloPoMo #10

      • My husband and I were married in 1996 — we met in college while we were both ‘non-traditional’ students. He is the LOVE of my life, my all, my world, my everything.

        Nice to ‘meet’ someone else who feels the same way about their better half!

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