gratitude week :: day one


This is a great idea and I will be participating all week! Please join in the fun,

Michelle GD

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

these wool blankets upon which i sit most mornings and this soft, knitted-by-my-mom shawl which i drape about my shoulders…time spent breathing deeply and with intention

certain messes around our home…appreciating that there is still some overlap in play with my son (13) and my daughter (9)…i know these days are numbered and so i try to sink into them, witness them, tuck their sweetness into my heart

sweaters and hot cups of tea to warm my chilled body on a blustery autumn day

certain corners of our home which hold pieces of those i love…gifts or totems which catch my eye (and my heart) as i pass by

sending  a little love your way, m

it’s gratitude week.
pick your favorite way(s) to play along:

1. share your gratitudes on instagram with the hashtag…

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