Gratitude Week 2014 – Day 1 LAUGHTER



I came across this post from Michelle at Michelle gd about Gratitude Week 2014. It is always great to show appreciation for things and people in your life and it is a great way to stay humble. Please refer to my previous post, Two Slice Hilly, for more information about being humble.

Back in August I discovered an app for my iPhone called Gratitude Journal and I began keeping track of things I was grateful for on a daily basis. I decided to choose three things per day to enter into the journal. At first it was easy, but as the weeks went on I found it more difficult. The difficulty wasn’t in finding things for which I was grateful, it was in forcing myself to dig deep and really think about my choices. We all have things that we appreciate, but I found myself skimming the surface. For example, I was grateful for food or shelter, but once I decided to delve deeper into my psyche, I found I was thankful for my gifts that God has given me and for laughter.

Laughter may seem simple, but I feel without it I would be drawn back into a depression I experienced a few years ago. Every since God allowed me to be free of that darkness, I have chosen to seek laughter on a daily basis; It has become a staple in my well being. So this week I challenge everyone to dig deep and really find things that your are grateful for that make a huge difference in your life. Today mine is LAUGHTER because it helped to save me.

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