The Thin Line – NaBloPoMo #9



Love/Hate, the line is so thin
But everyone knows only one can win.
I live on one side and he’s on the other
When will we get back to loving one another?

I look at him and see my world
He looks at me as if he must hurl
Where did we go wrong? We used to be so strong
Now we’re stuck in a bad love song.

I promised myself there would be no divorce
Now it seems that’s the only recourse.

I love him so much but I love me more
He better say something before heading out the door.
He used to love me was just a song
I guess hip hop was right all along.

I hurt, I cry and try to make it right
Lately it seems like I’m losing the fight.
How can Love win when I’m fighting all alone
I think Hate will break up my once happy home.

Love is the key that’s no mystery
But how can it win when the only one fighting is me….


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